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2011.03.09 (Wed)

Vocaloid Challenge 2009 Pt.2

Because it's been a while =3=


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2011.02.15 (Tue)


Here's a panda
There's a panda
And over there is a baby panda

You can never have too much panda <3
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2011.02.09 (Wed)

心の形 - Kokoro no Katachi

Okay so… for the my entry I decided to talk about a song.

It's not like…. really unknown, but it's not a song that most vocaloid fans can recognize easily. Its called Kokoro no Katachi, or um… "Shape of Heart."

I heard it a few years back, and it has always been my favorite NashimotoP song. And NashimotoP is my favorite vocaloid composer. He's famous for songs like Shinitagari and Petenshi ga Warau Koro ni. He's pretty old, based on the stalker information that me and Franky have found about him, and he's really into writing depressing songs and songs that are just straight up sad =w=; But that's what makes his songs so awesome to listen to, because his style is just so… cool *doesnt know how else to explain it*

Moving on =w=; *sorry for the NashimotoP fangirl rant* This song is one that I've always loved. It has that guitar that is just amazing and the melody has gotten stuck in my head often. It also starts off rather slow and quiet, until it finally explodes during the chorus and, it's just wonderful and amazing and BAM! TAKE THAT, EARS.

Or something like that.

However, the best part of the song, is right near the end. There's a segment of the song that is all whispering. And that is just… mesmerizing. In just a way that has you stuck listening, and then then with the final whisper, it explodes once again with the chorus, and your ears just… love you for it. Unless you're listening to it too loud of course =w=;;;

Or you don't have the same taste in music as me, then I'm so sorry OTL

Uh… anyway. This song is about this boy that is in love with a girl. But is too shy to talk to her, so instead he writes all his feelings in a notebook. One day he takes his feelings, and throws it as a paper airplane, only to have his class and the girl find it and ridicule him for it. When this happens, he realizes that he needs to "change the shape of his heart" for her, hence the title of the song. But yeah, there's an english translation as well.

Only a few covers of this song exist that I actually like =A=;; And all of them are on nico, so here you go~

Kinda ironic that hartless' entry is about changing the shape of their heart OTL and sorry I write a lot more than franky =3=;;; I just talk a bit too much.
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2011.02.08 (Tue)

Touyu Is Amazing

If you know me, my favorite singer and inspiration is Touyu (灯油) all the way. His range is unbelievable and just the way he sings his harmonies*3* woahh man.
Check out his songs will ya?
His Mylist

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2011.02.07 (Mon)

Vocaloid Challenge 2009 Pt.1

Here's how it goes down. Me and Franky get bored really easily. and so occasionally, we track down a video thats like... 200-400 minutes long, which we like to call the VOCALOID CHALLENGE.

Essentially, this has a mashup of songs from the same year, and it just plays all in order... and because I'm a bored overachiever, I decided to put a list of all the songs in these challenges in one place. Complete with a link, the producer, and a cover to the song.

If anything, these lists are here to just compile some vocaloid songs that are totally worth listening to if you just want to sit around and try to find some vocaloid songs that you've never heard before~

I hope the list is helpful, and in later lists I actually get a bit more thorough =w=;;


There it is~ so YESH YESH. Sorry for the ranting, I'll be sure to cut down my talking next time I post =w=;;
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